The Best Oil for Horses to Keep Them Healthy and Whole

The Best Oil for Horses to Keep Them Healthy and Whole

Few people can testify to the wholesomeness and joy of bonding with an equine friend. Many see them as a part of the family, for reasons far more than their nobleness, tenderness, beauty, and unprecedented power.

Taking good care of your horse is important for ensuring a long life of health and happiness. They need good nutrition, a good relationship and guidance, as well as help with health or physical troubles.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of oils and ointments for bodily injuries and hoof conditions to improve your horse’s health and appearance!

Best Oil For Horses: Health and Wellness

There are several types of oils that can be applied to your horse to keep them healthy and repair ailments. For this article, we’ll be taking a look at two major categories when it comes to the best oil for horses:

The first category are nutritional products, such as nutritional supplements that take care of the horse’s well-being. These products are usually used along with meals as additives and supplements in their daily diets. Some of these products have multiple purposes, for example improving the horse’s immune system and improving the gloss and quality of their coat, mane, and tail.

The second category are products that are applied externally. These products aren’t meant to serve an internal purpose, but rather are used as antiseptics and healing balms or salves. These oils and ointments are commonly applied to injuries and conditions on a horse’s skin, hair, and hooves.

Their purpose can be inflammation reduction, disinfecting a wounded area, repairing cracks in the hooves, healing fungal infections, and more.

Coming up, we’ll be reviewing food supplements and oils for internal use, as well as the best oil for horses to use for external purposes, like treating infections and maintaining the well-being of your horse’s hooves.

1. UltraCruz Flax Oil Supplement for Horses and Livestock 

The first best oil for horses on our list, the UltraCruz flax oil supplement for horses is a mixture of cold-pressed flax oil. Flax is a well-known equine supplement that provides numerous benefits to a horse’s health and performance. Flax oil contains all of the necessary nutritional values that will help your horse improve their immune system.

The UltraCruz supplement is formulated to enhance not only the internal health of your horse, but also the appearance through a shinier coat and healthier features.

Blended with soybean oil, the UltraCruz flaxseed supplement for horses will provide excellent caloric value to your horse’s meal, “cool calories” necessary for weight management, hair and skin conditioning, and overall performance during exercise.

Regular use of this product will not only help your horse endure more demanding exercise, but your horse will also get a glossier coating, softer mane and tail, and healthier skin and hooves.

Thanks to the soybean and flax oil, the UltraCruz flaxseed supplement will maintain the immune system of your horse through a sufficient daily amount of Omega-3 fatty acids. The flaxseed and Omega-3 anti-allergenic effects are also well-known, so this product can be used as an aid for allergies and allergic reactions.

Omega-6 fatty acids can also be found in the UltraCruz flaxseed supplement oil, and along with the Omega-3 fatty acids, they’re necessary for a healthy and balanced diet. The role of Omega fatty acids, especially Omega-3 fatty acids are proved to be beneficial for hooves, as well, improving their pliability and moisture.

How to Use

    1. Storing: The product should be stored in a cool, dry area and kept in the original packaging. In order to maintain freshness of the product, sealing it tightly is recommended.
    2. Can be used for: Horses with skin and hair problems, working horses and horses put through intense exercise, horses that need weight gain, other livestock (bovines, sheep, etc.).
    3. Dosage: Normal dosage – ¼ cup (60 ml) for every 1000 lbs (500kg) weight of a horse;
    4. Advanced dosage – 1/3 cup (80ml) for 1000 lbs (500 kg) weight of a horse;
    5. For smaller horses and livestock – ½ tablespoon (~8 ml) for every 100 lbs (50 kg) weight of an animal.


      • Great for weight gain and maintaining
      • Provides plenty of cool calories
      • Very useful for harder exercise
      • Improves skin and hair quality
      • Can aid with allergies and other immune conditions
      • Improves hoof condition


      • Can spoil easily
      • Has to be kept safely sealed
      • Somewhat low palatability


Verified users claim that UltraCruz is a great product that really helped their horses’ performance and health. Many have testified that they treated milder allergies just by UltraCruz Flaxseed Supplement, and the allergies have subsided or completely disappeared after a while. The caloric value of the product is great for extra strain on your horse while working or training.

2. Uckele Cocosoya Oil, Fatty Acid Formula for Horses

This is another amazing food supplement product to bring your horse’s well-being to another level! Uckele is a well-known brand famous for their professional attitude and love for knowledge. They have dedicated their time researching and exploring the best formulas and ratios needed for good horse nutrition.

Cocosoya oil is a brand of unrefined soybean oil and coconut oil. They provide the necessary Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that improve the absorption of nutrients, and energy storage and consumption, whilst providing cool energy themselves. \

This means that your horse will be able to gain weight, take more advantage of their meals, and perform if put through trials in work and sports.

Apart from the oils, Cocosoya is rich in natural tocopherols, or types of vitamin-E necessary for a well-functioning immune system, as well as the reproductive system.

The addition of Citric acid to the formula seemed natural since Citric acid will help a horse’s digestion and, again, its immune system. It also improves energy conversion within the body, allowing the cells to get more energy from meals and during strain.

All this and additional carefully-chosen tastes also provide great palatability. Horses more often than not love it, and many use Cocosoya as an addition to other foul-tasting supplements to help improve the flavor.

How to Use

    1. Storing: This product can be safely stored in the original container, in areas with temperatures that don’t exceed 70° Fahrenheit. Should be kept away from sunlight, and sealed.
    2. Can be used for: Horses
    3. Dosage: Normal dosage: 1-4 oz. (30-120 ml) a day
    4. Work horses/exercise: 4-8 (120-250 ml) oz. a day
    5. Lactating mares: 4 oz. (120 ml) a day
    6. Hair gloss/ Dust inhibition: 4 oz. (120 ml) a day or 1 gallon (3.7 liters) per ton (900 kg) of feed


      • Excellent palatability
      • Rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids
      • Rich in vitamin E and Citric acid
      • Can be used for lactating mares
      • Great skin conditioning
      • Encourages weight gain and maintenance; and better performance


      • The pump can get stuck
      • Natural settling makes it difficult to use every time
      • On the costly side


Uckele CocoSoya is a great product for anyone who wants to take excellent care of their horse. The horses love it for its appealing taste and beneficial ingredients that come from Soybean oil and coconut oil.

The product increases nutritional absorption, energy consumption, appetite, hair and skin condition, and a horse’s immune system. It can also be used as a supplement during lactation periods.

3. Farnam Scarlex Scarlte Oil Spray Wound Dressing for Horses and Ponies

With the following best oil for horses, we’re crossing into the area of external use products that can help your horse with outward ailments. The Farnam Scarlex Scarlte oil spray is used for treating minor wounds on your horse. This product is here to protect the horse’s health and help it heal much quicker.

It’s a slow-drying product with antiseptic properties that will sooth painful areas, like lesions, wounds on the surface, cuts, or burns. It’s also proven to work on superficial dermatitis.

Scarlet oil is the main ingredient in this product and it’s well-known for its germicidal effects on surface wounds. P Chloro-m-xylenol also provides antiseptic properties that protects the wounded area from germs and infections. The formula is also non-irritating and reduces itching which, along with other ingredients, promotes faster healing.

The product is not only intended to care for the horse’s skin, but also hooves. Whether there’s a cut or a different surface wound, Farnam Scarlex Scarlite can take care of it. It can also be used on other animals, such as dogs. The product stays in place well, and it leaves a recognizable red mark on the applied surface.

How to Use


    1. Shake the canister before the application and remove the protective cap
    2. From a 2-4 inches (5-10 cm) distance, spray the product onto the area for one second
    3. Repeat until the healing process takes place
    4. If possible, apply the product on a cleaned and dried area for faster healing


      • Easy to apply
      • Amazing antiseptic properties
      • Can be stored for longer periods
      • Non-irritable, non-itching
      • Can be used for various kinds of minor and smaller wounds and burns


      • Can’t be used for larger areas
      • Does not have a sufficient effect on deeper wounds
      • Does not work on extremely dirty areas


4. Farrier’s Fix Hoof Oil

The next best oil for horses on our list, the Farrier’s Fix Hoof Oil is also for external use, and formulated especially for hooves. A horse’s hooves carry a lot of weight and endure daily wear and tear. Sometimes, they may crack, chip, or have other injuries. The sole and the frog are not any different. With Farrier’s Fix Hoof oil, your horse will have healthy hooves.

The ingredients in this product provide different effects on hooves’ integrity. Venice turpentine will take care of the antiseptic field of operation, protecting the horse from inconveniences such as white line disease. Aside from its antiseptic value, the turpentine will provide more resilience to the hooves.

Vitamins A and D are provided in the form of cod oil, which will help with the hoof’s moisture and malleability. Wintergreen oil provides a fragrant smell to the product, but it’s more important function is to help the product penetrate deeper into the hoof, medicating as thoroughly as possible.

Finally, the sunflower oil additionally helps in keeping healthy and balanced moisture.

How to Use


    1. Clean and dry the hoof, interior and exterior
    2. Apply Farrier’s Fix Hoof on the horse’s hoof exterior, frog, and sole daily when treating and three times a week for maintenance
    3. Wait 5-10 minutes until the product is absorbed before returning the horse back to stall


      • Keeps the hooves moisturized and malleable
      • Protects hooves from various diseases
      • Anti-bacterial
      • Nice smell
      • Rich in vitamins A and D


      • On the expensive side
      • Doesn’t come in packing larger than half a gallon
      • Can create discoloration with some horses


5. Fiebing’s Improved Hoof Dressing Oil Conditioner for Horses

The last best oil for horses on our list is a first-aid kit every horse owner should have. As we mentioned earlier, hoof injuries are almost unavoidable, especially with horses that see more action.

Fiebing’s Hoof Dressing is a must have for when split hooves occur, or when you notice those nasty cracks and corns. The formula soothes and heals the hoof faster, protecting the sole and the frog in the process. It adds more flexibility and resilience to the hooves if applied regularly.

This product can last quite a while, since not much is needed for a single application. The product also comes with a convenient hoof pick, which can help you clean your horse’s hooves easily before application.

Along with the healing and protective effects of the product, Fiebing’s Hoof Dressing will add a semi-gloss finish to your horse’s hooves, making them shinier.

How to Use


  1. Clean the horses hooves, the frog, and the sole
  2. Apply the product on the coronary band
  3. Do not apply the product under the corona band


  • Helps with cracks, corns, and split hooves
  • Applies semi-gloss finish, improving the hoof’s appearance
  • Regular use improves and maintains healthy feet


  • The smell isn’t the best


Final Thoughts

And this brings us to the end of our journey for today! We hope that you’ve learned something new about the best oil for horses and which one will suit your needs best. Make sure you stay safe, and check out some of our other guides at

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