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The Best Horse Ear Muffs: Guide To Buying

Horse ear muffs are an effective way to keep your horse calm by minimizing loud noises. A horse’s ears are actually quite delicate, and ear muffs can go a long way in protecting them.

There are many different types of horse ear muffs on the market today, but not all are made equally. This guide not only details which brands offer the best options for your horse, but specifications about each product as well.

The Top Five Best Horse Ear Muffs

1. Equine Couture Fly Bonnet with Silver Rope

Horse Wearing Equine Couture Fly Bonnet with Silver RopeEquine Couture’s bonnet is the perfect solution for keeping those pesky flying insects away. The Equine Couture Fly Bonnet with Silver Rope is hand-crafted and made of 100% cotton.

It offers a safe way to enjoy your ride without being bothered by flies, mosquitoes, gnats, etc. This fly bonnet is made of cotton with spandex for the ears to give it slight stretch and unhindered movement.

The Equine Couture Fly Bonnet is a beautiful accessory for your horse. It features a silver lurex braided cord and pretty scalloped edging.

The front panel of the bonnet is smooth and featureless, so you can monogram it to make it truly yours! This fly bonnet is available in Pony, Cob, and Full sizes.


  • Spandex material to give it some stretch, allowing for easier movement
  • Hand-knitted mesh pattern
  • Silver lurex braided cord
  • Available in variety of sizes


  • Protects against flies, mosquitoes, gnats, etc.
  • Stretchy material for unhindered movement
  • Keep your horse protected from the sun
  • Can personalize it with monogramming


  • Sizing issues in some cases


2. Cashel Comfort Ears Horse Fly Bonnet

Horse Wearing Cashel Comfort Ears Horse Fly BonnetCashel Comfort Ears are the perfect solution to prevent your horse’s ears from being irritated by flies while riding.

Made of breathable nylon mesh, this light-fitting bridle accessory keeps them stress-free. It prevents your horse from tossing on its head due to discomfort that can be caused by pesky insects buzzing around in its ears during extended journeys. 

The material is lightweight but durable, so it won’t tear or rip even if you have an enthusiastic horse who frequently tosses its head.

It is a high-density covering to protect your horse thoroughly. The simple texture and design makes this a top pick.

The soft, nylon mesh material allows air to circulate and helps prevent overheating while also protecting the eyes from flies and debris.


  • Plain simplistic design
  • Breathable nylon mesh
  • Plain black design
  • High-density thick material



  • None


3. TGW RIDING Horse Ear Bonnet/Net/Hat/Horse Hood/Mask Horse Veil Horse Ear Bonnet

Horse Wearing TGW RIDING Horse Ear Bonnet/Net/Hat/Horse Hood/Mask Horse Veil Horse Ear BonnetIn TGW’s model, the soft, comfortable fabric surrounding the ears is perfect for your horse to wear for extended periods.These ear muffs also feature ‘TGW RIDING’ branding at the front and an adjustable chin strap that ensures a secure fit. 

The TGW Riding Horse Ear Bonnet/Net/Hat/Horse Hood is a great way to keep your horse’s ears warm, comfortable, and protected from the elements.

This bonnet will also help prevent rubbing of the ears against your horse’s bridle or halter, which can cause ear sores. It also helps protect them from insect bites and stings.

These horse ear muffs are made of soft material that allows air circulation around the ears for better temperature control and comfort. The unique drawstring design makes it easy to adjust for a perfect fit on horses of all sizes.


  • Traditional and simplistic crochet design
  • Machine washable
  • Soft, high-density comfortable fabric
  • Easy to fit and to wear


  • Durable and built to last
  • Machine washable 
  • Soft and cozy
  • Keeps your horse warm in the winter
  • Protects against rain and snow when running


  • None


4. Horse Bonnets/Fly Veil with Scalloped Edge and Rope and Bling Trim

Black Horse Bonnets/Fly Veil with Scalloped Edge and Rope and Bling TrimThis brand of horse fly bonnet is made of a lightweight, breathable mesh material. This style is trimmed with a scalloped crochet edge for a professional show ring look. 

The ear muffs have a scalloped edge that is perfect for show-ring looks. They are crocheted to keep them breathable and snugly fit in place, so you can be sure they’ll stay put while your horse is wearing them.

The scalloped edge is made of a stretchy spandex material that will not pull on your horse’s face but still provide a secure form. These are also great for everyday sunshades as well, and are an attractive look for any horse.


  • Item weight: 3.84 ounces
  • Simple crocheted design
  • Flashy crystal embellishment
  • Stretchable spandex ear coverings
  • Removable string attachment


  • Keeps flies away
  • Professional appearance ideal for show rings
  • Comfortable wear
  • Fits under horse’s bridle


  • Might not be a good fit for horses with really long ears.


5. Equitem Crocheted Fly Hood Horse Ear Bonnet with Silver Metallic Piping Trim

Red Equitem Crocheted Fly Hood Horse Ear Bonnet with Silver Metallic Piping TrimEquitem’s crocheted fly hood features silver metallic piping trim, making it an attractive style while also keeping your horse’s ears protected from flies and other insects. 

The ear muffs are made of soft crocheted mesh fabric that is breathable and lightweight. These horse ear bonnets will not only keep the sun out of your horse’s eyes but will also protect its ears from flies, dust, and debris.

The fly veil has an elastic band that will stretch to fit most horses. The ear muffs are designed to be comfortable due to their stretchy spandex material.

String attachment (can be cut/removed). patches on the front can be embroidered to your style if desired.

Each bonnet has a row of clear crystal bling embellishment (but the crystal trim can be removed if unwanted).


  • Crocheted
  • 5 color choices available
  • Silver piping trim


  • Keeps flies and other insects away 
  • Soft mesh fabric is breathable and lightweight 
  • Spandex material stretches, allowing for custom fit
  • Comfortable wear for horse


  • None


What To Look For When Buying The Best Horse Ear Muffs:


There are two main types of horse ear muffs: the traditional and the band styles. The traditional style is worn over the horse’s ears and is usually made from a thicker material to help block out noise. 

The band style wraps around the horse’s head and rests just in front of their ears. This type is typically less bulky, but may not work as well for horses with more prominent ears.


Horse ear muffs come in all different sizes, so it is essential to measure your horse’s head before purchasing. You don’t want them to be too tight, too loose or to not stay on properly. Most ear muffs are sold as “one-size-fits-all”, so you’ll need to check the product measurements for each and measure your horse’s head before purchasing one so it can fit properly.


The material used to create the ear muffs is crucial because it needs to be comfortable for your horse to wear. Some are designed with anything from thin mesh to heavy-duty fleece, depending on what you feel your equine friend would prefer.

Noise cancelling capability: 

The best horse ear muffs will help reduce noise by at least 15 decibels or more. Some brands may claim that their product reduces sound up to 30 decibels, but this seems highly unlikely as most human earplugs only reduce noise by approximately 20 decibels. 

Noise-cancelling horse ear muffs are a must for any equestrian. Whether your horse is competing in a noisy arena, training in a busy stable, or just out on a leisurely walk, you want to make sure your horse’s ears are protected from any loud sounds.


Equestrian ear muffs should last through many uses; they should not stretch out too easily nor break down quickly from exposure to dirt, sweat, rain, etc. The best horse ear muffs will last through many uses as they should not stretch out easily nor break down quickly from exposure to dirt, sweat, rain, etc.

This is important as you don’t want to have to keep buying new ones every couple of months. It is also essential that the material is washable to keep the ear muffs clean and free from bacteria. Be sure to choose ear muffs that are made from a durable and washable material.

Ease Of Use:

There are many horse ear muffs on the market today that have a lot of straps and adjustments, which can be time-consuming to strap onto your horse. Look for one with quick-release velcro closures or ones that slip over your horse’s ears rather than having multiple buckles to deal with each time you want to use them.


Horse ear muff designs vary significantly. There is no such thing as one traditional style anymore; muffs have evolved into something much different from just a simple piece of fabric that covers a horse’s ears. The best design is one that is easy to use, durable, and stylish all at the same time! Look for something that suits your style and will complement the rest of your equestrian gear, as well as your horse’s personality.


A comfortable fit is an essential factor when it comes to horse ear muffs, as you don’t want your horse to be constantly trying to shake them off. The best muffs have a soft lining on the inside that doesn’t rub or irritate the horse’s skin. They should also be lightweight, so they are not uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. Look for ear muffs that are made from a lightweight and comfortable material.

Protection From The Elements:

Another important factor to consider is how well the horse ear muffs protect your horse’s ears from wind and elements. If you live in a particularly cold or wet climate, you will want to make sure the muffs you choose have good insulation and are water-resistant or even waterproof. 

Horse ear muffs act as a barrier for your horse’s ears to protect them from any sort of loud noise. If your favorite hobby is horse racing, the best ear muffs for your horse will be easy to put on and will stay on through the race. Earplugs are typically worn with ear muff protectors so that the horse can still hear what is going on around them without getting too jumpy or distracted by all the noise.

Protection From Insects:

Horse ear muffs are essential to protect your horse’s ears from flies and other insects that might be flying into them. Look for ear muffs that have a flap or netting on the front of them to serve as a screened barrier against flying insects. This is important, as flies can be a real nuisance that can bother your horse as it is trying to concentrate.

Now You Know All About How To Pick The Best Horse Ear Muffs, So Shop With Confidence!

Horse ear muffs are an essential accessory for any rider to purchase for their horse. It is imperative to protect a horse’s ears from the loud noise of a busy stable. Insects are also a major annoyance to a horse’s delicate ears, and the best horse ear muffs will protect your horse from being irritated by any non-stop insect buzzing. When selecting your favorite pair, consider durability, ease-of-use, design and comfort before adding them to your cart!

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