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Best Horse Stall Mats To Buy In 2022: Review And Buying Guide

The standards for grooming horses have evolved from what they used to be. Horse owners now spend more time maintaining not just their horse’s appearance, but the horse’s living quarters as well.

If you are an active equestrian, then obviously one of your biggest tasks will be having to muck out all the stable dirt and keeping everything clean – your prize horses deserve that much. Thanks to the invention of horse mats, you no longer have to spend hours cleaning stable gunk.

Horse mats not only make stable cleaning a lot easier, but they also greatly improve your horse’s hygiene and health. The mats go a long way in reducing the amount of mold and bacteria around your horse, so you can worry less about having to shampoo your horse’s coat quite as frequently.

Horse stall mats have continued to increase in popularity.  This is because they eliminate several problems created by traditional stall floors and bedding. 

Stall mats are typically made out of natural materials that are easy to clean and maintain. They can easily be placed on traditional stall floors before bedding is added for extra comfort. 

Choosing the best stall mat for your horse is an important decision, so we’ve narrowed down the possibilities to include five of our favorite choices on the market.

The Best Overall Horse Stall Mats

1. IncStores Thick Premium Rubber Floor Mat 

Black IncStores Thick Premium Rubber Floor Mat The IncStores thick premium rubber floor mat is a multi-purpose floor mat that is perfect for both commercial and residential use. Sourced from mechanically ground tires, the material undergoes a strong recycling process before the mat is produced.

This non-porous rubber mat is built with superior grip that is great for impact absorption. It is also built to be slip-resistant so that you don’t have to worry about your horse sustaining any injury from slipping.

IncStore’s stall mat is a great option for both indoor and outdoor use, and is available in a range of 4 different colors. 

Its extra grip and moisture-resistant features make it perfect for long-term horse care. You don’t have to worry about any awful smells developing because of its non-porous and low odor features.

This mat’s sturdy build allows it to comfortably withstand the weight of the horse without falling apart or sinking inward. It can also serve as a base for softer bedding without slipping or flattening.


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean 
  • Low-odor
  • Anti-slip
  • Moisture resistant
  • Thick and comfortable


  • Some users complain that this mat is a bit heavy 
  • Strong initial rubber smell (usually goes away once you wash the mat)


Best Horse Stall Mat for Abrasive Floors

2. Rubber-Cal “Eco-Sport” 1-inch Interlocking Tiles

Black Rubber-Cal "Eco-Sport" 1-inch Interlocking TilesRubber-Cal’s “Eco-Sport” mat comes in a variety of sizes and colors. It is a sturdy and durable product that’s easy to clean and is perfect for long-term use. 

The interlocking rubber tiles are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and are a practical option for surface flooring.

Specially designed to be thick, Rubber Cal’s stall mat can withstand a high amount of foot traffic and body weight. It also has a high abrasion level. The stall mats are made from recycled rubber materials and are resistant to both UV ray  or weather damage.

Designed for easy and quick DIY installation, you don’t need external adhesives or sticky pads to connect this mat to the stall floor. Rubber holes on the four sides serve as connector pins to keep the tiles sturdily connected for better balance and stability. 

One key benefit to Rubber-Cal’s mat is that the individual tiles can easily be removed for replacement as needed.


  • Quick DIY installation
  • Durable 
  • Wear-resistant 
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Strong


  • Strong rubber smell 
  • Weak connector pins 


Best Heavy Duty Horse Stall Mat For Large Horses

3. DWC Rubber Mat Flooring for Gym or Equine Stall

Black DWC Rubber Mat Flooring for Gym or Equine StallThis DWC non-slip stall mat features a unique diamond design that is made from great grade A rubber material. This mat maintains an even amount of density that is distributed evenly throughout, and it can withstand a high amount of weight and abrasion. 

One of the best features about this mat is that it’s designed to be extra-cushioned and comfortable. It can also be self- installed easily at home for indoor and outdoor usage. DWC’s mat has a high capability weight sustaining impact. 

These mats are  made from recycled materials, so they are tough and extremely durable. The DWC stall mat is a thick mat that’s perfect for exercise and can comfortably withstand a horse’s weight. They are non-slip as well, which minimizes horse injury.


  • Grade A rubber material
  • Sturdy 
  • Non-slippery 
  • Super thick
  • Strong weight support
  • Affordable


  • Heavy- can be difficult to maneuver
  • Some users complain about a strong rubber smell


The Best Budget Horse Stall Mat

4. Rubber King All-Purpose Fitness Mats

Black Rubber King All-Purpose Fitness MatsThe Rubber King All-Purpose Fitness Mat is a low-odor thick stall mat made from high-quality rubber material. The production and recycling process of this mat does not involve the use of harmful chemicals, thereby posing no danger to your horse or its health. 

Recycled from used rubber tires, this product is eco-friendly and safe in the environment. Built to be a stable floor covering, its Anti-Slip feature means you don’t have to worry about water splashes or wet weather. 

This mat protects your stall floor from sand, dirt, water, and molding. Its waterproof surface also means that liquid waste from the horse doesn’t create a difficult cleaning issue.

This Rubber King mat also comes with a 5-year limited warranty offer. The heavy-duty floor covering is built to withstand water and moisture and is designed to last for a long period of time.


  • Eco-friendly
  • String 
  • Affordable
  • Anti-Slip
  • Moisture resistant
  • Durable
  • Value for money


  • Some users state that mat surface absorbs more dirt than others
  • Strong rubber smell


The Best Anti-Slip Horse Stall Mat

5. Rubber-Cal Shark Tooth II Heavy Duty Mat

Black Rubber-Cal Shark Tooth II Heavy Duty MatIf you like the Rubber King all-purpose mat, then you’re sure to like this mat even more. The Rubber-Cal Shark Tooth II is a really thick vulcanized rubber mat that’s designed to absorb impact to reduce stall floor damage. Made from SBR rubber, it’s an ultra-durable option for indoor or outdoor flooring. 

This horse mat is easy to use and it’s reasonably priced, too. The mat also has a high impact absorption level which is perfect for heavy-duty usage. Rubber-Cal’s Shark Tooth mat also has excellent shock absorption qualities. 

This heavy-duty mat is built with a grippy moisture-repellent surface that handles friction excellently and prevents slips. 

The SBR rubber is an excellent source material because of its weather and abrasion resistance. It also doesn’t contain harmful chemical compositions, which is healthier for your horse.

The SBR rubber is a perfect choice of material not only because it can withstand UV rays better than other types of rubber, but it can also withstand resistance. It comes with an increased strength level that is superior to natural rubber.


  • Heavy-duty rubber
  • Non-slip surface
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Very dense (some users state its too heavy to maneuver easily)
  • Strong rubber smell 


Why Do You Need A Stall Mat For Your Horse?

There are several reasons why it’s important to install a stall mat over the gravel or concrete floor of your horse’s stable. For most people, a stall mat is about hygiene and comfort, but there are several other benefits to owning one. 

These benefits include:  


Stall mats provide a safer and comfortable surface with zero slip worries.

Level ground

Stall mats provide a level surface. It’s pretty difficult for horses to dig holes in a correctly installed stall mat. 


Stall mats provide comfortable padding for your horse. Some brands market stall mats that are super comfortable and offer relief  to sore muscles, which is ideal for very active or older horses.  


Stalls with installed thick rubber mats on the floor can help keep the horse warmer during the winter.


Unlike the struggle of cleaning up hay, rubber stall mats are very easy to clean. A simple broom dusting or water hosing is all you need to keep a floor mat clean. They also help with odor control and offer improved aeration.  

Do I Need To Place Anything Under My Stall Mat?

The major thing you need under your stall mat is a clean and level floor. It could be made from concrete, wood, or gravel. 

If your barn or stable is in a moist area or has poor drainage features, then a protective layer of the geotextile fabric just underneath the stall mat is key.

How Do I Remove The Smell From My Horse’s Stall Mat?

Rubber mats often have an unbearably strong smell when first purchased. To minimize the smell, apply some rubber odor neutralizer before installing the mat. You can also hand-wash the mat with some mild detergent prior to use.

Exposing your stall mat to direct sunlight and natural aeration also helps get rid of any smells. Make sure to flip your mat at regular intervals to avoid any gunk from pooling underneath one side.

What’s The Best Way To Effectively Clean My Horse’s Stall Mat?

Instincts may suggest that the best way to clean a horse’s stall mat is by washing with soap or detergent. However, excessive use of detergent or soap may cause a build-up of chemicals, which can compromise the quality of your mat.

The best cleaning liquids to use are low foaming, neutral cleansers, in minimal quantities.

Here’s the correct process to effectively cleaning out your horse’s stall mat:

  • First muck and sweep the mats thoroughly. Once this is done, you can then pull the mat from the stall. Move the mat to a sunny location outdoors with ample access to a garden hose and natural aeration.
  • Spray both sides of the mat down, giving more consideration to the topside with your garden hose or pressure sprayer. Then apply a good disinfectant. 
  • Once this is done you can flip the mat over to spray and disinfect its underside too.
  • Leave the mats out in the sun to dry thoroughly. You will need to flip them constantly at regular intervals to avoid having a wet side. You can also lean them up against a solid surface for better aeration.

The sun and aeration are very helpful for dealing with bad odors as well. This also ensures that all the disinfectant and soap are removed.

How To Install Your Horse Stall Mat Yourself

The first step to installing this stall mat is to take accurate measurements. Always remember to measure the floor and mat dimensions twice before cutting once. You don’t want to get the dimensions wrong, leading to a mat that won’t fit your stable properly.

The next step is to clean out the entire stall thoroughly.

Once it’s clean, make sure you level the floor. For wood or concrete floors, you can level uneven surfaces with pressure-treated wood or outdoor-rated wood. If you have a dirt floor, dig down a minimum of three inches below your desired floor level.  Once done, add a layer of crushed gravel about 4 inches thick. This layer will become hard and compact as time passes.

Spray the gravel with water before applying a dusting of cement powder. Leave the gravel and cement powder to dry completely before you install the stall mats.

For heavy-duty or very heavy mats, make sure you have extra pairs of hands to help so you don’t cause damage to the mat or injure yourself moving heavy material.

Lay the mat out in the center of the stall. Make sure you keep the factory-trimmed edges of the mats together. 

From the center, carefully start laying out the mat until you reach the walls of the stall. Once it fits perfectly, you can then cut it into shape.

Once this is done, be sure to walk on all edges to make sure they are properly fitted, confirming that it’s level and good for use.

Brush the stall mat down to make sure it’s clean and ready for use.

Now That You Know All About The Best Horse Stall Mats Of 2022, It’s Time To Take Your Pick!

Every horse has their own personality and preferences, and these factors need to be taken into account when choosing the best horse stall mats for your own situation. 

Depending on where you stable your horse, you might also need to consider which type of mat would make the best flooring for that environment.

It’s important to consider the type of flooring and barn structure that your horse is housed in before deciding which mat brand would be the best fit. 

All the stall mats we’ve provided for your consideration are versatile enough to cover most of the needs that you and your horse might have. However, if we have to choose one of the very best horse stall mats currently on the market, then our top pick would be IncStores Thick Premium Rubber Floor Mat.

This mat offers the best quality and value, at an affordable price range. Be sure to read through the specifications for each mat to guarantee that its the right fit for your horse and your budget.

Need more info to improve your horse breeding/grooming skills? Be sure to browse through our collection of articles for more helpful horse information.

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