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Best Equestrian Gloves in 2022

Equestrian gloves are gloves that you use when riding a horse. When riding a horse, you must take care of your hands to keep you and your horse safe. The reason for this is that holding the reins for a longer period of time can damage the skin on your hands, resulting in blisters or chafing. Equestrian gloves improve your grip immensely, and your hands will be kept safer.

Gloves are essential if the weather is cold because you need to keep your hands warm throughout the entire ride. You also want to keep your hands dry if the weather is wet since you don’t want the rein to slip out of your hands.  

If you’re looking for a new pair of equestrian gloves, it can be difficult to know where to start since thousands of different gloves are on the market. Because of this, we have created a list of some of the best equestrian gloves that are being sold right now, so you will have an easier time deciding which ones are the right fit for you.

Best Equestrian Gloves Review

1. Heritage Performance Glove

a black heritage brand equestrian glovesThese equestrian gloves from Heritage Performance are sure to endure the challenges that regular riders face while also looking fantastic.

They are made out of synthetic leather as durable as genuine leather, except these gloves are much lighter. They feature elastic wrist cuffs with adjustable straps that allow for a snug and tight fit.


  • Made out of durable synthetic leather
  • Seams are double-stitched
  • Wrist cuffs come with adjustable straps


  • Synthetic leather is slippery, even though it is tough


2. Heritage Premier Show Glove

a black heritage premier equestrian glovesThe Heritage Premier Show Gloves are an amazing pair of gloves that are very lightweight and extremely breathable. These gloves are made out of Microtech synthetic leather that provides excellent grip.

On the knuckles, you will find a stretchable flex panel and double stitches on the critical seams. These gloves feature an elastic cuff with adjustable straps, and the thumb and the fingers are ventilated.


  • Gloves are lightweight and breathable
  • Fit is comfortable thanks to the stretchable flex panel
  • Thumb and fingers are ventilated


  • Not fit to be a winter riding glove


3. eGLOVE eQUEST GripPro Leather Touchscreen Horse Riding Gloves

a pair of brown leather egloves equestrian glovesThe eGlove eQuest GripPRo Leather Gloves not only look fabulous, but they also allow you to use your smartwatch, phone, or anything electrical without having to take off your gloves.

These gloves are available in several colors, and all of them look stunning.

Besides the look and the fact that they are electronic-friendly, you can rest assured that your hands will be warm with these leather gloves. Our favorite feature is the softness of the gloves and how breathable and comfortable they are.


  • Gloves are touchscreen-friendly
  • Modern glove design
  • Leather is soft and comfortable


  • Dyed leather can cause the color to transfer onto your skin


4. Heritage Crochet Riding Glove

a heritage brand crochet equestrian gloves with brown leather paddingThe Heritage Crochet Riding Gloves feature a classic design. Your hands will be kept comfortable and cool while you’re riding, thanks to the soft cotton mesh.

The palm side of the glove is made out of leather for a more natural feel of the grip.

There is double leather on the tip of the thumb and the top of the index finger to extend the lifespan of these gloves.

With these gloves, you will also have better flexibility, as the bulky materials and seam between the fingers are removed.


  • Thumb and the index finger are reinforced with double leather
  • Natural and soft grip on the reins thanks to the leather palm construction
  • Great ventilation from the soft mesh cotton top


  • No notable drawbacks


5. Roeckl Roeck-Grip Unisex Gloves

a white leather equestrian glovesThese gloves are created with the unique Roeck-Grip material, which is elastic and tremendously breathable. The gloves will be secure around your wrists because of the fastener with a stylized hand logo. These gloves also feature a reinforced ring finger and index finger to add durability.

When buying a pair of Roeck gloves, you know you are getting high-quality materials.


  • Close-fitting and lightweight
  • Made by a breathable material
  • Can withstand the challenge of daily riding


  • No notable drawbacks


What To Look For in Equestrian Gloves

Personal preference plays an important role when choosing the perfect equestrian gloves for you, but there are some features that you need to keep an eye on. This section will discuss the features you need to consider when looking for equestrian gloves.


Not only is it crucial that the gloves feel comfortable on your hands, but they also need to not interfere with your ability to control or ride the horse. In addition, if you own equestrian gloves but they aren’t the right fit, they will become unpleasant to wear because they will either be too tight and interfere with circulation or be too loose.

The gloves can be tightly fitted with adjustable wrist closures that will keep the gloves in place, instead of the traditional use of buttons, velcro, plastic, or a combination of less reliable materials.


In the past, equestrian gloves were typically made out of leather. However, modern businesses use many different materials to make equestrian gloves. Each of the materials has its own benefits and drawbacks, which is why we’re going to look at the different types of materials used for gloves.

Wool – Wool is a commonly used material for equestrian gloves for kids. However, it is important to note that if your hands get wet, they will freeze in a short period of time. Like many other types of gloves, gloves made out of wool have silicone or rubber grip dots on the palm.

Cotton – Cotton is a great material for equestrian gloves, as the material is fairly thin and very breathable. This makes them ideal if the weather is warm. However, because the material is thin, this also means that they won’t be as durable as other types of gloves. For cotton gloves to be more durable, they typically have leather grips on the palms.

Polyester mesh – Gloves made out of polyester mesh are comfortable to wear and thin. Even though they are form-fitting, they are still very breathable, so you don’t have to worry about your gloves slipping off.

Lycra or Spandex – People who don’t like the feel of gloves often opt out for Lycra or Spandex gloves since they fit the hand perfectly. Keep in mind that these gloves are more difficult to use during the summer months since they aren’t as breathable as other materials.

Synthetic leather – In the past couple of years, gloves made out of synthetic leather have significantly improved. To a certain degree, these gloves have all of the advantages of leather gloves, but the price is more affordable.

Leather – When it comes to equestrian gloves, the most popular material is leather. This is because leather easily adapts to your hands and is extremely durable. During the winter months, leather will do a great job of keeping your hands warm. However, leather gloves are often on the pricier side.


Even though this might seem to be an insignificant factor, glove breathability is critical. You will have a hard time holding the reins when your hands get sweaty, and when you’re riding, you must grip the reins firmly. Your hands will sweat not only during the summer months, but also throughout the year, which is why breathable gloves are a must-have.


You should also consider which season you’ll be wearing the equestrian gloves in. You’ll want gloves that are breathable and light if you’re planning on wearing the gloves in summer. On the other hand, you’ll want a pair of gloves with added insulation if you want to wear the gloves during harsh conditions in the winter. Gloves that will keep the water out and the warmth in are water-resistant gloves.

Extra Features

Nowadays, many gloves come with additional features. Some of these features include:

Wrist closure – Many people look for gloves with wrist closures to keep the gloves in place. You can choose which type of closures you want according to your personal preference, as there are different types of closures like buttons, elastic, buckle, ribbon/string, poppers, or velcro.

Extra patches – Some equestrian gloves will have extra patches on areas you often use, like the ones around the index and thumb finger and the area between the little finger and ring finger. These extra patches provide better durability of the gloves.

Water-resistance – Water-resistant gloves are a good choice if you’re in an area with a lot of rain. However, the gloves need to be made out of leather since they are naturally water-resistant. Other types of water-resistant gloves won’t be as breathable as leather gloves.

Grip dots – If your gloves aren’t made out of synthetic leather or real leather, then grip dots are a definite must-have. Usually, grip dots are made out of silicone or rubber, and they are placed all over the palm and fingers to give the glove a better grip.


Can I machine wash equestrian gloves?

In general, equestrian gloves can be machine washed, even though you should usually wash them by hand. Most gloves can be washed on the gentle cycle with a product specifically meant for washing gloves and in cool water.

Ensure that you let your equestrian gloves air dry after washing them. Do not wring them out or iron them. If you own leather gloves and dry them in any other way than air drying, you will likely cause damage to them.

What is the best material for equestrian gloves?

The best material for equestrian gloves is a material that is breathable, stretchy, light, absorbent, and thin. However, keep in mind that the ideal material varies depending on the season. In previous years, gloves were often made out of thin leather. Nowadays, people prefer synthetic materials because they dry more quickly, are easier to clean, and are more durable.

Are equestrian gloves essential?

Buying the wrong type of equestrian gloves can put yourself and your horse in danger, and it can ruin your riding experience. Rather than using your bare hands, having gloves on your hands is the way to go. When it’s wet, cold, or hot outside, your hands can use the extra grip on the rains to protect against exhaustion, numbness, or moisture. A good pair of equestrian gloves will ensure that your hands are protected and provide a good grip on the reins.

Final Thoughts

Your riding will benefit significantly by including equestrian gloves in your horse riding gear. You can considerably reduce the appearance of blisters and chafing, which is especially true if you have a stubborn horse that likes to pull. Besides protecting your skin, equestrian gloves will also add a more professional feel to your look and protect you from external conditions. If you’re looking for the best equestrian gloves, then you’ve found them in this article.

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